About Us

Cornwall has to be the jewel in english’s crown when chosing a holiday destination, with its breathtaking coastline, quaint tucked away fishing villages with beautiful harbours and miles upon miles of unspoilt beaches.

Whatever type of holiday home you’re looking for, Cornwall will not disapoint.

When your in your holiday home

Problems with your holiday home
If for any reason you have a problem with any aspect of your holiday home (EG: Fridge not working, broken cooker etc..), you should contact the home owner straight away, as they can either come out and sort it for you. Or they have tradespeople who can sort the problem out for you.
Never leave issues like this until you get home then phone and complain as it is too late to rectify the problem and it may spoil your holiday. Spotted some Damage ?
If you notice any damage you should contact the home owner straight away to make them aware of it (though they may or may not be aware of it), if you have a camera it may be advisable to take a photo of it (if possible). Failure to notify the owner may effect the return of any damage deposit paid.


Staying safe using Cornwall Holiday Home Rentals.com

Whilst we make every effort to root out dishonest advertisers who do not have a property to rent, but are instead just looking to take your money sometimes they can slip under our radar. So here are a few ways to stay safe when booking a holiday home with our owners / managers.

  • After making the first initial contact via our website, we always recommend a follow up phone call to the owner / manager.
  • Always try to get a written rental agreement (If the owner / manager uses them), failing that try to get written confirmation about your obligations as a renter.
  • Ask the owner / manager questions about the holiday home, how long they have owned it etc..
  • Carry out your own research about the local area then ask the owner / manager about them, as a genuine owner / manager they should be able to tell your more.
  • Never pay by Western Union or Moneygram, these are strong signs of a fraudulent advertiser.
  • Look out for prices which seem to be considerably lower than our other advertisers, either for the type of property or for the time of year.
  • Look out for adverts which contain mostly poor grammar and or spelling mistakes, as genuine advertisers take the time to present their property advert in a more professional manor.
  • Follow your gut instinct if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

To help protect our home owners / managers and our holiday home renters, we receive a copy of all messages sent and received via our website messaging system.